How to Increase the Effectiveness of Remarketing Ads?

Why do you need re-marketing?

No business can survive in the online world if it does not get conversions on its website. Some users may visit your website but do not take action like making a purchase or signing up for your newsletter. But does this mean they aren’t interested in your offerings?

No, they could be. Tap into this pool of consumers, you need to leverage remarketing ads. They are considered the best and most effective methods of pulling visitors back to your website. It provides you with an opportunity to win back those would-be conversions and recapture visitors who showed interest in your product or services.

People may find remarketing ads extremely annoying, even creepy at times. But, at the same time, 2018 numbers show that consumers who see retargeted ads are 70 percent more likely to convert. Moreover, the average click-through rate for remarketing ads is ten times more than that of display ads. 

Sadly, only a handful of marketers can get the best out of remarketing ads and increase their conversions and sales. If you wish to improve the effectiveness of your remarketing campaigns and grab more eyeballs, then here are tips to follow:

Leverage Google remarketing

Google Remarketing comes as a handy tool to remarket your brand to your target audience. There is a host of tactics that you can follow here. Text Ads, for example, allows you to remarket products and services through standard text ads, native text ads and rich media text ads on the Google Display Network. But make sure your ads are relevant and quality-driven without the use of strobing and flashing backgrounds.

Target high-value audiences

Targeting your audience through remarketing ads requires precision. Interest, gender, age, and location are a few factors that you must consider while profiling your customers. Your high-value customers are those who closely match the demographics you specify. Targeting them with remarketing ads can help you boost your return on advertising spend. Use Google Analytics to enable demographics and interest reports and retarget those consumers who are likely to spend more on your offerings.

Use similar audiences features

If you have profiled your ideal customers and wish to reach more of these kinds of people, then Google Remarketing allows you to do so. Add the “similar audiences” feature to your ad group, which will show your ads to those people who match your past web visitors. Once you start doing this, you will be able to drive new leads and push your visitors to make a purchase on your website. Your targeting becomes a lot easier and efficient when you use this feature.

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