What is Declared Data and How Marketers Can Leverage It?

Declared data defined

Declared data can be any personal information of an individual that he or she may have explicitly and deliberately given while filling out their social media account, an online form, or taking some purposeful action in the digital space. Such data usually provides information about the demographics of a user. This includes gender, age, phone number, address. Some may also add their hobbies, interests and the preferred method and time for communication.

Declared data has grown to be extremely valuable in today’s digitally-driven world. This data is considered the best because it comes straights from the users’ shoulders. The data also signifies permission granted by users to use their information for CRM and email campaigns.

What should marketers think of declared data?

Declared data is a boon to marketers who wish to create a niche for themselves in a competitive digital landscape. The insights offered by declared data can assist marketers in market segmentation and personalization—both of which are mantras for marketing’s success.

Marketers need declared data for conversions, for knowing the motivations, intents, and preferences of their end consumers. The data takes them beyond the “what” they purchased to “why” they purchased a particular item. It gives them an idea of the user’s story, which ultimately helps them in crafting contextually relevant products, messaging and offers.

How to build a declared data strategy?

If you are a marketer looking for ways to make the best use of declared data, then here are a few steps to follow:

Determine what you want to know

First and foremost, you need to list down the attributes of your users you wish to collect. You may receive as many attributes you may like as long as they help you in crafting personalized and seamless experiences.

Collect the data

Once you have your list of attributes in place, you need to come up with a content calendar to capture declared data. You can hold a quiz, release a lookbook or publish another type of interactive content that would increase your digital conversions and give you the data you need.

Put your data to use

Lastly, think of a declared data activation strategy and implement the insights you have gained. The data should empower your relationship with your consumer. Acquisition teams and email marketers, for example, can use declared data to create more personalized retargeting messages.

It’s incredibly essential that marketers pay heed to this treasure trove of users’ information. This becomes even more important in today’s data-driven marketing realm, where users’ data forms the base for every small or large advertising campaign.

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